Letter of intent / portfolio

Work Sample For Linnaeus University Music Production Programme (KGMUK).

For information on what must be included in the portfolio and How these elements must be designed, please refer Music Production Programme. If you experience any problems please contact mupportfolio@lnu.se for Music production programme

NB! Read the information pamphlet!

• Allowed file formats are docx, doc, pdf, jpg, mov, mp4, m4v, avi, mp3, wav and m4a
• Only 1 GB in total can be uploaded (all files in total)
• You can only upload max 12 files
• All file names must contain first and last names and the first six digits of the social security number.
• You must write a description for each uploaded file
• You can only submit the work sample once
• Each audio/video file can, if necessary, be supplemented with notes/text/lyrics

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